Memories of Georgetown, MS

Summertime reminds me of my grandparents…especially their home in Georgetown, MS.  I spent many summers with L.D. and Christine Spell in that sleepy little town.  One of my favorite memories is of a huge flowering mimosa tree beside their little white house.  My granddaddy never liked that tree, probably because it dropped pink blossoms in their yard all summer.  There is a beautiful, big mimosa on the campus of ASUMH and I love to see its pink blooms as I drive into and out of the campus every day.  When I was a girl, I pretended the pink blooms were powder puffs and I would sit for hours pretend-

ing to powder my face with them.  They have such an old-Hollywood look to them!  My friend Stacy Sheid reminded me how much fun it was to zip the little green leaves of their spines with your fingers.  I think I’ll plant one so I can enjoy this beautiful memory at my own home in the future…pretending to apply my powder with the blossoms as I sip cold iced tea on the deck!


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3 Responses to Memories of Georgetown, MS

  1. kim whitten says:

    We had mimosa trees in my house in Conway growing up. I loved climbing those suckers! In fact, when my little cocker spaniel died, we buried him under that tree because that’s where he and I would play!
    I noticed this week how pretty the mimosas were right now!

    Love the blog Chicklet!


  2. Janet says:

    Trees and flowers evoke such memories for me, too….I can never see a snowball bush without thinking of my great-granny, whose yard was filled with flowers. We would cut bucketsful of them to take to the cemeteries for Decoration when I was small (along with iris, which I didn’t like then because of the spikey leaves but love now.) Ivy makes me think of my grandparents who moved to California. They ground-covered their front yard with ivy, and I thought it was so exotic. Mulberry trees make me think of my next-door best friend, Larry, who spent lots of time in a tree with me when we were little…and peonies will always bring to mind my maternal grandmother. We went searching on her grandparents’ old place, one time, for the peonies she remembered from her childhood. We didn’t find them….the farm’s owner had dozed them out with the old homestead….but she talked all afternoon about her grandparents, and I treasure the memory of that day. Living plants….living people….they just go together….

    Keep blogging, Christy…looking forward to the next one…

    I’m glad you’re blogging, Christy…looking forward to the next one!


  3. Beckie says:

    I have been thinking of you every time I see those trees- I love the blog- Keep it up!!!


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