A Red, White and Blue Holiday Sampler

There is nothing like the 4th of July to bring out the best in a community.   With certainty, that is true of Mountain Home, Arkansas!  The town turns out for a city-wide celebration which culminates with the grandest fireworks show in all of Arkansas.  No kidding, this fireworks show rivals big city shows I’ve seen in Milwaukee and Boston!  There are car shows, parades, rodeos, and a big pancake breakfast!  But these are only a few of the town’s events during the Red, White and Blue festival which is scheduled the weekend before the 4th of July every year.  Here are photos of the fun times I had this year!

Trevi and Jack Sheaner are the children of my friends Kim and Mark.  These precious children rode with the Grand Marshall in the parade, Mayor Dave Osmon.

Boy Scouts led the parade and were so proud to be a part of the festivities!  What a great leader they have!  He had those boys lined up and looking sharp.

Thank you to the Chamber of Commerce and one of my bestest friends, Susannah Alms, for organizing a great parade!  What a great showing of hometown pride!

Young and old spruced up for the parade…

This is the son of my co-worker Katy Page.  His daddy told him this was a serious thing, being in a parade, so he never cracked a smile for me!

Pretty girls, pretty horses, and flags flying to thank the sponsors!  Thank you Chicks and Spurs – you’re a wonderful asset to this community!

Mountain Home cowboys are the cutest in all the land, if you ask me!

And, where the cute cowboys are, the cute cowgirls will follow!

Of all ages…

The Red, White and Blue Rodeo gave everyone a chance to show their stuff…

and their very best red, white and blue!

The monkeys chased sheep…

The children chased calves…

And, the cowboys chased a dream!

There was something for everyone!

And, the greatest volunteers in the world working together to make things happen!

Thank you to everyone who worked to make this a wonderful weekend for Mountain Home!  I can’t wait for next year!


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This is an account of my life’s journey – road trips, places in my heart, people and things I love.
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