Miles to go on the Last Roundup…

This morning, four lifelong friends loaded up and headed out on what they called their “Lonesome Dove – Last Roundup.”  They putted around the house drinking coffee, fussing at each other, complaining about ailments and laughing about old times, until finally, they pulled out of the driveway.  They are headed out over 6,000 miles to Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and who knows where else.  They each took the name of a character from Lonesome Dove, the favorite book of all four:

Joe – Woodrow Call, the hardest worker, but less chatty than the other three;

Jimmy – Augustus McRae, the brains in the group who is the most eccentric;

Bud – Jake Spoon, the drinker and gambler who gets all the ladies;

Virgil – Po Campo, the cook they picked up along the way.

I envy these guys.  They’ve been through so much together in their lives.  They’ve had weddings and more weddings, raised children, buried parents, and loved each other through thick and thin.  Men seem to have a way of relating to each other that women do not.  They tell it like it is.  They don’t take insults personally.  They know where they stand with each other.  They love each other, genuinely.

I hope it’s not the last roundup.  I hope they have many more adventures together and that they live for so many years that they repeat this trip again and again…like a television sequel you look forward to season after season.

Time to start the herd, boys!  You’ve got 6,000 miles to go!


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This is an account of my life’s journey – road trips, places in my heart, people and things I love.
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One Response to Miles to go on the Last Roundup…

  1. kim whitten says:

    I bet those guys have some big fun together and probably have lots of fun stories to tell. 🙂


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