Miles to go to cast anxiety away…

Cast all your anxiety on God because he cares for you.  1 Peter 5:7

It’s common to see fly fishermen casting lines in the shallow, cold waters of the White River this time of year.  In fact, there are hundreds of fishermen in town this weekend to enjoy the Federation of Fly Fishers Southern Conclave.   The art of fly fishing is simply beautiful –  with graceful throws of the line,  beautiful gear and clothing,  creative fly tying, and vibrant colors of the trout as they are pulled from the water.  Fly fishing is a true art and one that is breathtaking to watch performed.  As the fishermen roll into town, it’s easy to see why they migrate to this beautiful community.  The Ozarks are showing off all of God’s wonder this season as the weather is turning cooler and the leaves are beginning to change color.  You see the anxieties of life roll away when a fisherman enters the water around here.  There is something about a relationship with nature that puts the trappings of this life in perspective, isn’t there?   I’m thankful to be living in one of the most beautiful corners of God’s world.   Welcome fishermen!


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This is an account of my life’s journey – road trips, places in my heart, people and things I love.
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