Miles to go for “Mile High Meringue” Pie…

My Delta Magazine came today and right there on page 30 was a picture of Annie Johnson, who has been making pies at the Crystal Grill for decades.  Annie’s pies are famous for their “mile high meringue” and when I go to Greenwood to see our family, one of my first stops is the Crystal Grill for a piece of her pie.  Most visits, I buy a whole pie…is that a sin?

My favorite is the coconut, but my husband prefers the chocolate, so if I buy a whole one, I have to go with chocolate.   They also have lemon icebox, coconut custard and pecan pie at the Crystal Grill, but nothing in the world is better than that meringue on the chocolate and coconut. How is it that one woman can make pies for decades like the ones Annie Johnson makes at the Crystal Grill in Greenwood?   I don’t know, but I promise you this…as long as I travel to Greenwood, I’ll be stopping by to see what Annie’s got fresh!


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2 Responses to Miles to go for “Mile High Meringue” Pie…

  1. Janet says:

    Okay, so this was really not fair. I thought you MADE that pie and I was already looking forward to the day when I’d get to have a pie of YOUR pie with mile-high meringue. Now I’ve got to wait till I go to Mississippi, and then I’ve got to go out of the way to Greenwood…but I think it would be worth it.


  2. Lewis says:

    I’ll sin with you! They look great.


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