Miles to go to pack away the holiday…

It’s time to start taking down the Christmas tree, garland and wreaths.  It’s not nearly as much fun to take the Christmas decorations down after the new year as it is to put them out the first of December in anticipation of the holiday.  I suffer with a little sadness every year at this time.  The house looks pretty and festive one day, and then bare and cold the next.  In Church this morning, the message for children during their special time was about the Christmas holiday, and how we shouldn’t pack baby Jesus away with the rest of the decorations.  Figuratively.   The speaker urged the children to hold the image of the baby Jesus in their hearts all year.  That message made me question why we do put away the manger with Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus when we pack the other holiday glitter away?  We should celebrate the birth of Jesus, our greatest gift, all year long.  So, that leads me to my only New Year’s resolution for 2011:  I’m not going to pack the baby Jesus away this year, figuratively or literally.  I’m leaving the little clay figurines out to remind me of the glory of Christ’s birth the whole year through.


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2 Responses to Miles to go to pack away the holiday…

  1. I agree. Every year it seems harder for me to pack things up after Christmas, which may be because my knees hurt when I climb the stairs to the attic now that I’m 49! But I do leave out one simple nativity scene all year. It’s one my mother bought me some twenty-odd years ago, and it’s beautiful in its three-figure simplicity. When I pass it during my daily wanderings around the house, I feel better somehow. Thank you for sharing this, and here’s to a fabulous 2011…


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