Miles to go to feel comfortable in front of the camera…

Week 1 Photo Submission

52-Week Self-Portrait Project

I’m taking part in a 52-week photography project this year.  It’s the end of week 1 and  I had no idea this would be so tough when I signed up to do this.  My friend Kim, who has the same job I do at a college down the road, made it look so effortless last year, that I thought it would be a good exercise to participate in.   Gosh, it’s hard work!  I am using a Canon Rebel XT that I use for work, so that I can learn more about how to take better shots for my job.  I’ve never had a photography class, so I’ve had to jump in and swim without knowing how to even dog-paddle!  Editing and adding effects are a whole new ballgame for me too.  For this project I’m starting my editing with Picnik because it’s so user friendly.  I hope to graduate to Photoshop before I finish the 52 weeks, but so far, Picnik is giving me what I want.  The first week, I shot photo after photo with no luck.  Finally, I convinced a friend to go have coffee with me at a cool little shop in town, so that I could relax.  I put the camera on the top of a game box and had to turn it on its side to find the right spot for our shoot.  Thankfully, Kristina helped me settle down and enjoy myself over a cup of warm coffee.  The photo I submitted was picked by friends on facebook who helped me vote.  While I still feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, and hate using a timer and tripod, I find myself thinking about my next shot almost immediately after I’ve settled on my week’s post.  This is going to be a lot of work, but a lot of fun too.  Here’s to 52 weeks of getting more comfortable with my equipment…and of getting more comfortable in front of the camera!


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2 Responses to Miles to go to feel comfortable in front of the camera…

  1. kim whitten says:

    YAY for you for jumping in with both feet!
    I am so excited about your photos so far. You are going to have no problem with this and I do hope you learn more about the camera and editing from the process. 🙂


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