Miles to go to sneak a kiss…

Week 2 Photo Submission

52-Week Self-Portrait Project

Taking photos for the 52-week self-portrait group this week was easier than I ever thought possible.  Thanks to a guest post on the 52-week project website, I grabbed my hubby as I headed out the door.  I’ll include the guest post here, and I’m sure you’ll agree with the author that it’s important to have photos made with the ones we love.  Bud was happy to tag along and off we went.  We headed to the Cotter bridge and stopped at a cool little creek along the way.  Magic just happened! I barely had to edit this shot – just a tilt and “soften” and that was it.  As usual, I used the tripod and timer on my Canon and ran around and jumped in the shot each time.  Bud didn’t mind all the kissing and I’ll treasure this sweet photo for the rest of my life.

So, here’s the guest post that inspired that shot:

There is a scene in the movie “Beaches” where the little girl that plays Barbara Hershey’s daughter says to Barbara’s character that they have the same hands.  Barbara Hershey suddenly has a meltdown in the movie, and frantically starts looking through old photos. When Bette Midler asks her what she is doing, Barbara Hershey responds that she is trying to find a photo of her Mother, because she wants to see if they have the same hands also…

This part of that movie has always stuck with me, how would I feel if I didn’t have any photos of my Mom and Dad, or even later on, if my kids didn’t have any photos of me???  I have been very fortunate that I come from a Kodak family.  My grandfather, aunts, uncles and my Mom and Dad all worked for Kodak, and my Dad LOVES to take photos as much as I do.  I have many photos of both my parents, and my family in my possession now, and will forever be grateful that my Dad took these photos for me to pass on to my kids.

But as I got into scrapbooking, and got a nicer camera, I noticed that I never got in the photos.  My hair looked horrible, or the outfit I was wearing looked awful on me, or I had all ready taken my make up off….whatever the excuse NOT to be in the photo, I had it! :)

Then tragedy struck in my scrapbooking world.  An amazing designer named Aledia Franklin ( was killed in a car accident on September 12th, 2008.  I was a follower of Aleida’s work on a scrapbooking website, her blog and on Scrapping the Music, where she was a designer.  After I heard the news, I started going through her old blog posts. I saw that every month, she was dedicated to taking photos of her and her kids together….she did this, because in her words, our kids don’t care if Mommy isn’t wearing makeup, or if her outfit looks silly, or that she has a few pounds to lose…our kids JUST SEE MOMMY! :) :):):):):):):):):):):)

WOW! Did that hit me like a ton of bricks! All of my stupid excuses went right out the door… she was right, my daughter Brookie and my son Adam aren’t going to care if I look stupid in photos or not, they are going to care that they HAVE PHOTOS OF ME and THEM together.  Aleida is gone, her kids won’t get to hug her or kiss her anymore, but they will have the photos that she took with them forever! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):)

Since that day on September 12th, 2008, every month I have had my husband take a photo of me and my kids together.  There are times that I have no makeup on, there are days that my hair isn’t done, there are times that I feel the outfit I am wearing makes me feel blah…. but I don’t care anymore.  Every month I have my photo taken with my kids in honor of Aleida…..

None of us have control on when we leave this Earth. I want to leave this legacy for my kids. :) I want them to know what my hands looked like, what my eyes looked like, what my hair looked like… I want them to remember me when I am gone……

No, my monthly photos aren’t ‘self-portraits’ as my husband takes them for me every month… but I AM IN THEM….and that is what is important…. if you don’t have kids, take one every month with your husband, your partner, your pets, your best friend…. just DO IT… you will be glad, no matter what kind of hair day you are having… it will be worth it! :) :):):):):):):):):):):):):):)


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