Miles to go for Flashback Friday…

I’ve always had issues with my hair.  I’m never happy with a haircut and I’m never happy with the length.  I think I  have uncovered the reason why…

I’m sure I experienced terrible ridicule about this particular cut when I was young and have never gotten over it.  And, do my ears look ridiculously large for a child my age?  And, does this tutu make my hips look big?  I’m thinking I can trace all of my feminine insecurities back to this one dance recital!


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This is an account of my life’s journey – road trips, places in my heart, people and things I love.
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4 Responses to Miles to go for Flashback Friday…

  1. Deb Peterson says:

    You’re adorable! I can’t quite figure out the hairdo. Is it a pony tail flipped over the top? 🙂 The things we do for a little height, lol. Look at your artistic little hands. Adorable.


  2. Janet Taber says:

    NO! The legs look lean and toned, like a ballerina’s should, and the tutu has just the right amount of starch. The ears are perfectly proportioned to the pixie face. Now, about the hair…. 🙂

    It’s a good thing I’m not doing a Flashback Friday or I’d scare you silly with a picture of really BAD hair on a child.


  3. Beth Loflin says:

    Thats a precious picture. Love reading your blog, it always makes me smile. Hope you have a great day.


  4. Jo Anne Dukes says:

    I only wish my pictures looked as good as yours. In my dreams, I looked like that!!


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