Miles to go to a Delta Juke Joint…

I visited my first Juke Joint on Egypt Plantation near Greenwood, MS, when I was right out of college.  It was the real deal at the end of a long row of small shotgun houses.  I remember hearing the music long before we stepped inside the smokey lounge.  It was steps away from the cotton fields on a dirt road and was packed full of men and women dancing and drinking.  Since then, I’ve learned a little history of the roadhouses and realized what a unique experience it was to visit a real Juke Joint.  Today, Po Monkey’s Lounge is supposedly one of the last of the real “Jukes” of the Delta and I found it Sunday in Merigold, MS.  It’s not as big as a bedroom in my house.  It too was at the end of a long dirt road and was covered with signs that say “Not Like This and Not Like That” and other message of expected decorum.  The Delta is full of establishments that might fit the Webster’s definition of a Juke Joint, but I don’t agree.  They are too urban and too commercial.  House of Blues and the Ground Zero Blues Club, owned by Morgan Freeman in Clarksdale, MS, were supposedly born of the Juke Joint, but in my opinion it’s just an illusion.  The food is too good and the decor is reminiscent of Red Lobster imitating Maine.  I don’t remember neon signs or a menu when I went “jukin” on Egypt Plantation.  Here’s to the real Juke Joints…or what’s left of them in the Delta.


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2 Responses to Miles to go to a Delta Juke Joint…

  1. Janet Taber says:

    Christy, We lived all those years in MS and now I wonder why I didn’t go to some of those places….they were there…it just wasn’t done. Same with the churches. HOW I wish I had gathered up the nerve to go to a service. I so well remember coming home on Sunday afternoon from our church and seeing them standing around outside their little churches, in their colorful dresses and wishing I could have looked in the window and heard them sing and heard the preacher preach.

    Talk to Jamie Seed about juke joints sometime–he goes down there regularly and makes music videos for the guys who play in some of the joints….he could point you to a few in Noxubee and surrounding counties.


  2. Susannah says:

    This is a fun reminder of my southern roots. Looks so familiar! Mom is right–there are a few of these in Noxubee County, MS. 🙂 I love the new profile pic too—someone’s getting GOOD with her camera.


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