Miles to go to offer Hope…

I’ve been out of town at the Annual Education Conference for the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries.  Our meeting was in Memphis this year and over 700 ladies gathered to celebrate another wonderful year of service to children.  As a member of this organization’s Executive Committee, I was honored to visit Hope House, a home for children who are either infected with HIV/AIDS or who have a parent who is.  Hope House  grew out of a desperately growing need in Memphis, Tennessee, sixteen years ago.   Today, approximately 50 children and 150 adults receive hope from this house along with auxiliary services, all focused on making their quality of life better.  The NAJA Executive Committee spent a few hours packing food for children to take home and sorting through donated clothing.  For part of the time, we enjoyed playing with and reading to the children who stay at Hope House during the day.  It reminded me of the hands-on work I enjoyed so much during my days of active membership in the JA of McComb, MS.  Throughout 100 communities in 8 states, over 15,000 volunteers meet the needs of children through Junior Auxiliary.  At our meeting in Memphis last week, our JA Chapters provided over $2,500 in gift cards for the children of Hope House.   Because of Hope House and the National Association of Junior Auxiliaries, children affected by HIV/AIDS in Memphis can look forward to a better future.  Thank you members of Junior Auxiliary!


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