Miles to go for Flashback Friday…

Last week in Memphis, Sam Haskell and his beautiful wife Mary Donnelly Haskell were presenters at the Annual Education Conference for NAJA.  After they spoke and sang, I told Mary that I remembered meeting her back in 1980 when I was a freshman at Ole Miss through some mutual friends, Van and Pebbles East of Amory.  In fact, I remembered having a picture made at a party and wondering why in the world I would have my photo made with someone as beautiful as Miss Mississippi…and then I wondered that this past week when I did it again!  No sane woman has her photo taken with a woman who looks like Mary does!  Mary is as beautiful today as she was then, and her voice is as pitch-perfect as it was when she was crowned Miss Mississippi back in 1977.  It’s great to have the Haskell’s back in the south after they spent so many years in California — just remember not to stand next to that pretty girl when you’re having your picture made!


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2 Responses to Miles to go for Flashback Friday…

  1. Janet Taber says:

    You both are still beautiful…then and now!


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