Miles to go for deviled eggs…

If ever there were a quintessential Southern food dish, it would be deviled eggs.  No matter the occasion, they are the perfect dish to bring to a get-together.  For funerals, potlucks, or parties, they are always a good choice!  My mother made them from the left-over Easter eggs, but the dye colored the whites and they weren’t very appetizing.  If the stuffing is too runny, it ruins them for me too.  While they are simple to make, there is an art to getting them just right.

I like my deviled eggs plain – just a little mustard, Blue Plate mayo and Mt. Olive sweet relish.  The paprika is just to make them pretty, not for taste.  I’ve heard people say they use ingredients as different as olives and crab meat.  No matter the stuffing, I think deviled eggs are pretty darn-near perfect!


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3 Responses to Miles to go for deviled eggs…

  1. Jo Wilson says:

    You continue to amaze me with your photos and your writing! I, too, LOVE deviled eggs and make them frequently. We have a fellowship time at our church and lots of people bring sweets so I usually take deviled eggs. I make mine just like you mentioned but not picky about mayo. May try to find some Blue Plate though. You are a bright spot in my life and I am so happy I have you as a friend.


  2. Christy says:

    I’ve been missing you, Jo! It’s been too long!


  3. Janet Taber says:

    Very pretty plate of eggs….and I think the paprika adds flavor, too….just wouldn’t be deviled eggs without it. Instead of adding relish to my yoke mixture, I only add relish juice or sweet pickle juice…but other than that, only mayo and a little mustard. I agree…with these, simpler is BETTER! YUM!


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