Miles to go for a fish fry overlooking the White River…

I know I’m lucky.  I really do.  Bud and I live in a place most people only dream of coming to for a vacation.  In fact, many of our good friends wound up here following vacations.  We did too, really.  Bud had visited the area with brother-in-law Joe Seawright and a slew of fishing buddies and when the idea of relocation came up, Bud insisted we check out the Mountain Home/Mountain View area.  Bingo.  Life is good in the Ozarks.  Since I’ve mentioned our friends Jo and Sonny Dukes in previous posts, let me elaborate on how lucky we really are.

Jo and Sonny rarely cook a meal that my husband and I aren’t invited to.  Breakfast, lunch or dinner, they welcome friends to their table.  This past week, they have had two dear friends from Memphis visiting to fish and we’ve been lucky enough to be invited to share meals with all of them.   Bud said he’s eaten so many meals in the chair he’s seen sitting in above, that Jo & Sonny could take him as a deduction on their taxes!  One of the reasons Bud loves to eat with the Dukes is that they cook “Southern Style” and if you are from where we are, you know what that means.


Creamed corn, field peas, hoe-cakes, sweet tea and ham were on the menu Tuesday night, Wednesday night was a fish fry.  Jo is famous for the fourteen-day pickle recipe I posted in an earlier blog.  They make the vegetables out of her garden taste like nobody’s business!  Her pepper sauce is darn-near perfect too.


Last night we fried Rainbow Trout caught by Sonny and the Memphis friends just that afternoon on the beautiful White River.  Jo and Sonny have a fabulous house overlooking that same river and as we were sitting on their deck listening to the grease pop, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with gratitude that we live here.  We’ve been lucky enough to move to a town as beautiful as Mountain Home where the game and fish are abundant and the friends are just like family…always saving you a seat at the table.



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3 Responses to Miles to go for a fish fry overlooking the White River…

  1. Helen says:

    …loved the pics. also love the Dukes! they have been dear friends for a long time. I look forward to meeting you and Bud “next time”


  2. Janet Taber says:

    Oh, my goodness, those pictures are making me DROOL! Haven’t made fried cornbread in forever….love that! Reminds me of my grandmother so much….
    Those are some neat people you and Bud hang out with, Christy….


  3. ckeirn says:

    Helen, your pound cake was delicious! Can’t wait to meet you on the next trip over.


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