Miles to go for animal heaven…

I’ve often wondered whether or not our pets will be in heaven when we get there.  I sure hope to see Bo and Dixie and all the other great dogs I’ve loved when I arrive.  If not, I wonder if they have their own “heaven” where they run without leashes in big fields of red clover and drink out of fresh pools of water.  There’s a place in Mountain Home that is a kind of “heaven on earth” for animals.  Many of them would probably have left this earth by now had Janice Wolfe not taken them in.  They live together, the three legged deer with the goose and the zebra, and all get along.  In fact, they flourish together at Rocky Ridge Refuge.

I first heard of Janice out at Rocky Ridge Refuge when Ellen Degeneres featured her on the Ellen show.  After the show aired, lots of folks got interested in her menagerie of animals at the refuge, especially Lurch, an enormous Watusi steer she took care of for over a decade.   This enormous animal held a world record for the largest circumference at the base of his horns (38 inches and 8 feet tip to tip).  Lurch is no longer alive, but Janice is still taking care of all sorts of misfit and abused animals in the Ozarks.  Thank goodness for people like her who think as much of their furry friends as other people do their own children.

Janice recently took in several German Shepherd dogs whose owners had neglected them.  The photos of the animals look worse than you can imagine.  One of the pitiful creatures has scars on his back where wire was wrapped around his body for so long it became embedded.  It’s heartbreaking to think that people can treat animals so poorly.  And, then there is Janice, who opens her doors for as many animals as she can handle.  She goes without things for herself to feed the animals at the refuge ~ and she goes through a 30 lb. bag of dog food a day.  Her tiny home is their home too and her only requirement is that they all get along.  Anyone who can’t get along gets sent to live somewhere else.

Janice is an inspiration to me and to many in the Twin Lakes area.  If these abused and abandoned animals can live together in harmony, can’t we all learn from them? Thank you Janice, for your unselfish love of God’s creatures…and for providing them a “heaven” right here on earth.

You can find Janice online at or on Facebook at


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